Oxford Youth Soccer Association
Rev. 6/2018

As approved and amended at the General Meeting of June 18, 2018

1.0.0 Name

1.0.1 The name of this organization shall be the Oxford Youth Soccer Association

1.1.0 Purpose

1.1.1 The Oxford Youth Soccer Association shall:

  1. Regulate all youth soccer play in the town of Oxford.
  2. Provide instruction in the fundamentals of soccer and the rules of the game.
  3. Provide game experience for all participants by placing teams in either competitive or noncompetitive leagues.


2.0.0 Officers

2.0.1 The Board of Officers shall be comprised of the following: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Town Representative (1), Town Registrar, Pee-Wee Coordinators (3), Developmental Coordinator, Equipment Manager, and Field Manager.

2.2.0 Nominations

2.2.1 Any person age 18 or older, who is a resident of the Town of Oxford or has been a coach or a Board of Officers member in the last year or any parent of a child playing in the Oxford Youth Soccer Association, is eligible to be nominated as an officer of the Oxford Youth Soccer Association.

2.2.2 Nominations for any office must be made on the date of the election. The nomination must be made by an individual who is present and eligible to vote. A nomination which is made, but which is not seconded, shall be considered to not have been made.

2.2.3 Any individual who is nominated for an office may remove his/her name from consideration prior to the close of nominations.

2.2.4 Any nominee who is not present on the date the election is to be held must have provided the then current Board of Officers with a written indication of his/her willingness to serve as an officer prior to the date the election is held.

2.2.5 Any vacancy created by the removal of an officer shall be filled in accordance with the terms of these by-laws.


3.0.0 Elections

3.1.0 Elections for new officers shall be held at the Spring Annual Meeting as defined in 9.3.3. A quorum of 15 eligible voters is required to elect a new Board of Officers. Elected officers shall assume their positions as of the first day of July following the election.

3.1.1 The following individuals shall be entitled to vote in the election of officers:

  1. Any person who has served as a head coach or assistant for the Oxford Youth Soccer Association in the past twenty-four (24) months;
  2. Any town resident who has served as a youth soccer referee (18 years of age or older), or who has been paid by the Association as a referee in the past twenty-four (24) months;
  3. Any person who has served on the Board of Directors in the past twenty-four (24) months.
  4. Any parent of a currently registered player (within the last 12 months)

3.1.2 Each eligible individual shall have one (1) vote.

3.1.3 The Oxford Youth Soccer Association shall make every reasonable effort to notify all eligible individuals of the date, place, and time of the annual election at least ten (10) days prior to the date the elections are held.

3.1.4 The vote for officers shall be held in the following order:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Town Representatives (1)
  6. Registrar
  7. Developmental Coordinator
  8. Pee-Wee Coordinators (3)
  9. Equipment Manager
  10. Field Manager

3.1.5 Protection of Positions: The President and Treasure positions can only be filled by a current board member with a minimum of 1 year on the board.

3.1.6 A separate vote shall be held for each position immediately after nominations for the position are closed. An individual may be nominated for more than one office but may be elected to no more than one position during the same term of office.

3.1.7 If more than one individual has been nominated for an office, a plurality of those voting shall elect a nominee to an office. In the event of a tie vote between two nominees, the vote shall be retaken until one of the nominees is elected to the position.

3.1.8 In the event of a tie vote when three or more nominees participate in the initial vote, the tie breaking vote(s) shall be held only between the nominees who received the highest number of votes which caused the tie.

3.6.0 President

The President shall conduct all Board of Officers meetings and all general membership meetings, establish meeting agendas and be empowered to co-sign checks. With approval of a majority vote of the other officers, the President shall appoint any committee or individual the officers deem necessary to assist them in the attainment of the Oxford Youth Soccer Association objectives. The President and his/her designee shall represent the Oxford Youth Soccer Association in league meetings. President will not vote except in case of tie.

3.6.1 Vice President

The Vice-President shall assist the President with the duties of that office and shall preside over any meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice-President shall also be responsible for the solicitation of existing and new sponsors and the coordination and distribution of uniforms. The Vice-President is responsible for all communication associated with the OYSA website and OYSA Facebook page. The Vice-President will be responsible for maintaining the OYSA website, including league updates, upcoming events, and off-season player and coach opportunities.

3.6.2 Secretary

The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings and shall be responsible for all communications pertaining to the activities of the Oxford Youth Soccer Association.  A copy of the minutes of each meeting shall be available for examination by any individual associated with the soccer program. The Secretary shall also be responsible for any applicable correspondence by the Oxford Youth Soccer Association. The Secretary is responsible for receiving and dispensing all mail. The Secretary, the Treasurer and the President will have the post office box keys. The Secretary will also be responsible for scheduling all meeting places.

3.6.3 Treasurer

The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records of the Oxford Youth Soccer Association and shall pay all the bills properly submitted. The Treasurer shall provide a financial summary at the first general meeting following completion of spring and fall soccer seasons, and as often as requested by the Board of Officers, but at least quarterly. The Treasurer will provide all registration refunds.

3.6.4 Registrar

The Registrar shall be responsible for running the spring and fall travel registrations. The Registrar shall certify team rosters as required by the league rules in which the Oxford Youth Soccer Association places teams, including but not limited to Midland Youth Soccer (MAYS), Massachusetts Youth Soccer, or the appropriate parent league. The Registrar shall be responsible for collecting photos, passcards, The Registrar is responsible for the development of online player and coach registration. The Registrar shall be responsible for presenting non-mechanical out-of-town waivers to the OYSA Board. The Registrar shall be responsible for executing the role of CORI Submitter. The registrar will coordinate the efforts of Team Registrars. The registrar will perform registrations only, refunds must be requested to the Treasurer.

3.6.5 Town Representative (1)

The Town Representatives will be the liaison between Oxford Youth Soccer Association to any league Oxford Youth Soccer Association participates in. The Town Representatives will attend all above league meetings and give detailed reports to the Oxford Youth Soccer Association. They are responsible for canceling games. Town Representatives must be notified of rescheduled games.

3.6.6 Developmental Coordinator

The Developmental Coordinator shall, with the approval of the board, be responsible for evaluating, coordinating, and scheduling all training for the players, coaches, and referees of the Oxford Youth Soccer Association. The Developmental Coordinator shall be responsible for the development of curriculum for the Peewee league only and/or the use of an independent contractor to provide said training. The Developmental Coordinator shall be responsible for updating the league on all external training opportunities for the league coaches, including coach licensure through Massachusetts Youth Soccer, the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA), and other applicable training as individual events become available.

3.6.7 Pee-Wee Coordinators (3)

The Pee-Wee Coordinators shall, with the approval of the board, be responsible for the complete administration of the Under-8 league (as stated by U.S.Y.S.A. age eligibility) of Oxford Youth Soccer Association.

3.6.8 Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager oversees all activities related to equipment, supplies, merchandise, and uniforms for the organization; obtains and controls storage space; maintains adequate records on inventory; sets minimum and maximum inventory levels; selects vendors and products to provide maximum value for the organization; orders equipment, supplies, uniforms as may become necessary from time to time. He/she is responsible for distributing and collecting equipment, supplies, and uniforms to their respective areas of responsibility. The Equipment Manager will manage the inventory, storage, and movement of all field equipment and supplies, including, but not limited to goals, nets, and line painting equipment and supplies. The Equipment Manager will be responsible for ordering all medals, trophies, and patches as requested by the Board.. 

3.6.9 Field Manager

The Field Manager will oversee all fields, including the design, setup, and painting of fields. Will also have the responsibility to work with the Town of Oxford Recreation Department. The Field Manager will have the authority of the Board to hire volunteers/paid worker to assist with the line painting of all fields.

3.7.0 Vacancy

3.7.1 Any officer who misses three (3) consecutive meetings without a reason shall be excused from office. The remaining officers shall, by a vote of a majority, appoint an individual to complete the remainder of the elected term.

3.7.2 If the office of the President becomes vacant prior to the expiration of the elected term, the Vice-President shall automatically assume the position of President until the next election. The officers shall then consider the office of Vice-President as the office which is vacant for the purposes of these by-laws.

3.7.3 If two or more vacancies occur simultaneously, a special election shall be held to fill any such vacancies until the next regular election.


4.0.0 Removal of Officers

4.1.0 Any nine (9) individuals eligible to vote in accordance with the terms of these by-laws may make a written request for a special meeting to consider the removal of one or more officers prior to the end of their elected term. The written request must be given to the Board of Officers who shall be obligated to call a special meeting within twenty-four (24) days of receipt of the written request.

4.1.1 The Board of Officers shall make every reasonable effort to notify all individuals who are eligible to vote on Oxford Youth Soccer Association matters of the date, place and time of the special meeting.

4.1.2 The special meeting must be attended by at least sixty (60), percent of the individuals who are eligible to vote. If less than the required number attends the special meeting, no action shall be taken. Following a duly made motion and second, and after appropriate discussion and/or questions concerning the motion, a vote shall be taken on the motion. It shall require a two-thirds majority vote of those present to remove any individual from office.

4.1.3 If the special meeting for removal involves more than one officer, a separate motion and vote shall be required for each individual.


5.0.0 Registration – Age Brackets – League Play

5.0.1 Eligibility

Eligibility requirements shall comply with USYSA, MYSA or league entered.

5.0.2 The soccer programs of Oxford Youth Soccer Association are open to all boys and girls, who otherwise meet the (age) qualifications established by the leagues in which the Oxford Youth Soccer Association places teams.

5.1.0 Registration

5.1.1 There shall be two separate and distinct soccer seasons, Fall and Spring. A player who wishes to play in each season must register separately for each season.

5.1.2 The registrars shall designate and publicize the dates and places for each registration period at least one (1) week prior to the date the registration is to be held.

5.1.3 Any child who fails to register during one of the regularly scheduled registration sessions shall automatically be placed upon a waiting list as of the date registration is made. Team selections will first be made based upon children who registered during a regularly scheduled session. Any roster openings in that age bracket will then be filled based upon the waiting list, with the first person on that list in the age bracket filling a vacancy, etc. Any placement of a late registrant shall also be consistent with the Team Selection Guidelines.

5.1.4 Waivers shall only be granted for Oxford residents to play out of town if the league is unable to place the player on an Oxford team due to a full roster or no team available in the player’s age bracket or the player requests a waiver to play in the town in which they attend school.

5.1.5 Head Coaches with proper licensing for the team they are coaching can have one child’s registration fee waived per season.

5.1.6 Refund policy:  All refunds will be voted upon by the board for unforeseen circumstances only.


6.0.0 Age Brackets

6.0.1 The Oxford Youth Soccer Association believes that it is in the best interest of the child to participate in his/her own age bracket. It is, however, the expressed purpose of the Association to encourage development and instill a sense of good sportsmanship. Refer to the Oxford Youth Soccer website for the Player Exception Policy.

6.0.2 Final placement for all player exceptions will be in accordance with the OYSA Player Exception Policy and will be at the discretion of the board.


7.0.0 Team Selection Guidelines

7.0.1 No youngster shall be denied an opportunity (i.e.. opportunity is notice of time, place, manner of process – NOT necessarily an actual tryout) to compete for a position on a competitive team. Tryouts shall be in a manner to be determined by the Board at such time and upon such conditions as determined by the Board. Selections shall be either the coach designated to coach such competitive team with the advice of the Board or by the Board or its designee subject to the advice of the coach designated for such team.

7.0.2 No youngster shall be required to play on a competitive team, nor shall he/she be required to compete at a particular level as a condition of participation. Final determination of the highest level of competition for any youngster shall be in the discretion of the selecting person(s). A child may decline the invitation and compete at a lower level if his/her parent submits a request in writing.


8.0.0 Miscellaneous, (Fees and Fund-raisers)

8.0.1 The Board of Officers shall be authorized to establish registration and sponsorship fees as are needed to effectively operate the soccer program. All fees and donations which are collected shall be deposited in the Oxford Youth Soccer Association account. Such account shall be audited by an independent person, appointed by the Oxford Youth Soccer Association Board, (but not a Board member) on a yearly basis.

8.0.2 The Board of Officers is also authorized to conduct periodic fundraisers to help defray the financial obligations of the Oxford Youth Soccer Association.

8.1.0 Playing Time

8.1.1 All coaches must abide by league rules concerning minimum playing time. It is the position of Oxford Youth Soccer Association that all playing time will be split 50/50 amongst all players on each team, unless where a roster size does not allow 50% which can happen in the case of oversized rosters.


9.0.0 Modification of By-laws

9.0.1 Any new By Law or changes to existing ones shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary. The proposal shall be discussed and voted upon at the next General Meeting, with a minimum of 24 days notice. A simple majority of those present is necessary for acceptance of the change.

9.0.2 Fall Season

The fall season shall be primarily, but not exclusively for recreational and developmental purposes. To the extent permitted by the by-laws/rules of leagues in which the association participates, all teams entered in any age bracket shall be competitively balanced. The express intent is to provide an opportunity for any eligible youngster who has registered in accordance with the by-laws to play soccer and develop his/her skills.

9.0.3 Spring Season

The spring season shall be primarily, but not exclusively for purposes of providing a competitive experience to any youngster, properly registered, who desires to play. To the extent practicable all youngsters will be accommodated at their respective levels of skill. Emphasis will be placed on fielding teams capable of competing for state cups and regional qualifying on competent, representative basis.

9.1.0 League Play

9.1.1 The Board of Officers reserves the right to determine which league(s) the Oxford Youth Soccer Association will place teams. These leagues may be either competitive or non-competitive.

9.1.2 The Oxford Youth Soccer Association will pay all league fees, referee fees, bonds, etc., imposed by a league in which the Board of Officers has agreed to place one or more teams.

9.1.3 Any coach wishing to place a team in a league other than one customarily selected by the Board of Officers may request written permission from the Board of Officers to play in that league.

9.2.0 Tournament Play

9.2.1 Coaches must inform President or Vice President of intention of bringing a team to any U.S.Y.S.A. or any other soccer tournament with the exception of the Oxford Youth Soccer Association tournament. Tournaments must be sanctioned by the U.S.Y.S.A. for a team to represent Oxford Youth Soccer Association. Other than league sponsored tournaments, any Oxford team that participates in a tournament does so at their own expense. The Board of Officers, however, reserves the right to sponsor a team in tournament play.

9.3.0 Corporation

9.3.1 The purpose of organization of the Oxford Youth Soccer Association shall include:

  1. Encourage development of soccer skills and instill a sense of good sportsmanship in the participants
  2. Promote youth soccer.
  3. Seek favorable tax status treatment.
  4. Protection of individuals who donate time.

9.3.2 Officers

  1. Elected officers shall all serve the same term which shall be one (1) year.
  2. Board of Officers shall be all elected officers.

9.3.3 Annual Meeting

Shall be held the third Friday in May or such other time thereafter, as the Board of Officers shall, with notice establish.

9.3.4 Tax Year

Fiscal year

9.4.0 Sponsors

9.4.1 Sponsor fees will be established by the Board of Officers of the Oxford Youth Soccer Association.