Travel coach information

Information for New Travel Coaches


  1. Players must bring to every game AND practice:
    • A size-appropriate ball (size 4 for U10/U12, size 5 for U14).
    • Shin pads worn UNDER socks.
    • Water
    • Soccer cleats (NOT baseball cleats!)
      • Refs will check for the toe cleat… if it exists then the player will not be permitted to play.
      • Cleats must also NOT be metal.
  2. Practices
    • Coaches should schedule 2 practices each week, each lasting approximately 1.5 hours.
      • In the fall some practices will run shorter as sunset comes earlier.  Try to practice for at least 1 hour (twice a week) if possible.
      • Practice locations may change each season.  An email will be sent to all coaches prior the season with the location for their practices.
  3. Coaches must bring to every game:
    • The coach’s passcard.
      • Refs will not allow coaches without passcards on the sideline.
      • Teams without coaches will forfeit their game.
    • TWO copies of an approved roster.
      • Roster PDF files can be downloaded from the team’s “Roster Mng” SportsManager page. See the “Roster Management” section below for instructions on how to access the “Roster Mng” page.
      • The roster must say APPROVED on it (usually the top of the roster will say “MAYSL SOCCER APPROVED ROSTER”. There will also be an “Approved” watermark.
      • The roster must be the most current. If you have a copy of an approved roster but have submitted changes to MAYS and it has not yet been approved then I believe that technically your old roster isn’t approved either. This will be re-confirmed at the MAYS Coaches Meeting in the spring. In general, once your roster is approved don’t mess with it and you will be fine.
      • Penciled-in jersey number corrections ARE allowed, but must be done before referee checkin.
      • It’s helpful to place a couple extra rosters in your glove box just in case.
    • If you are the home team: bring a game ball. Any appropriate ball will be fine, it does not need to be a ball with an Oxford logo on it.
  4. Roster Management
    • Coaches can get a “coach/director” login to gain additional access to team information on SportsManager.
      • Browse to the Oxford SportsManager site.
        • Either log in with your existing SportManager password or enter your email address and click the “Click Here” link to have a password emailed to you.
      • Click the “Roster Mng” tab on the left side of the page.
    • Once logged in you should see your players, coaches, and other useful links:
      • Team Info (email addresses, phone numbers, etc)
      • Your current roster status and a link to download a pdf of your current roster.
      • The “Jersey #” column header is actually a link. Clicking it will allow you to manually update the jersey numbers on your roster. Changing numbers in this way does NOT invalidate your roster or cause it to need re-approval (ie it’s safe). Jersey numbers from registration are notoriously wrong so update your team’s jersey numbers here and then re-print your roster from the roster pdf button and you won’t have to pencil in corrections each week.
  5. Game Schedules/Standings
    • Both are found at the Oxford SportsManager site.
    • Games can be found on the “Schedule/Scores” tab on the left hand side of the page.
      • Standings for U12 and older are found at the “League Standings” tab on the left hand side of the page. U10 standings are sometimes also kept (it’s inconsistent).
      • Teaching your parents how to check the schedule online is preferable to printing one (in email or paper) as times/fields sometimes change.
      • MAYS is very strict about game rescheduling. Their rules state that the only reasons for game reschedules are:
        • Same-day weather cancellations.
        • Field closure by the Town Rep up to 2 hours prior to the game.
        • Cancellation by the referee at the field (usually only due to lightning). In this case the game “counts” if it makes it to halftime.
        • A school event that causes most players to have to miss the game (like a field trip or graduation).
        • A religious event that causes most players to have to miss the game (like First Communion).
  6. Game Information
    • Information regarding the number of players on a field, time of each half, ball size, player pass card requirements, etc can all be found at the “MAYS FACT SHEET” portion of the MAYS website.
  7. Player Pass cards
    • According to the MAYS FACT SHEET as of 9/16/2015, only players U12 and older and in divisions 1 and 2 require pass cards and they only require them for the spring season. The registrar is responsible for printing pass cards and distributing them to the coach but players for these teams must upload their own straight-on head shots to SportsManager beforehand. Coaches/registrars can also upload the photos via “Roster Mng” at SportsManager if the parents have difficulties.
  8. Interaction with Referees
    • Arguing with referees is not permitted.
    • Questions regarding calls should be done respectfully at halftime or after the game and NOT during play (per MAYS rules).
    • The zero-tolerance rules for interactions with referees applies to coaches and parents alike. Inform your parents ahead of time that they are not permitted to interact with referees. If a parent begins to violate this in a negative way then pull their child from the field until the situation is under control.
  9. Sportsmanship
    • You will get a fine and a possible suspension from MAYS if you win a game by more than 7 goals. Don’t do that.
      • Honestly, don’t even let it get that close. If you’re easily scoring and up by 3 or 4 goals then put on the brakes:
        • Put your scorers on defense. The kids that don’t score much probably won’t go on a hot streak and would appreciate the chance to score.
        • Pull players off the field. You can legally play a man or two down. If the other team starts catching up you can put your players back on (as if you were substituting, except nobody needs to come off the field)
      • If you let it get too close and accidentally win by more than 7 then it’s your fault. If the kids keep shooting when you tell them not to then put them on the bench. Nobody “accidentally” wins by more than 7… you’re the coach, manage the game.