Reimbursement Policy

Adopted April, 16, 2011

 Coaching License Reimbursement Policy

Purpose – The Oxford Youth Soccer Association (OYSA) believes in the importance of having properly trained coaches in order to effectively teach the game of soccer to the children in the organization. To that end, OYSA will provide reimbursement to coaches who attend approved coach education courses.

1. PolicyThe OYSA shall reimburse an active coach in good standing for completing United States Soccer Federation (USSF) “F”, “E” or “D” licensing course for the full cost of the course.

2. ProcedureThe individual coach must:

  • ensure completion of pre-requisite courses as defined by USSF, Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), or indicated below
  • notify the OYSA Developmental Coordinator of intent to attend licensing course
  • complete coaching obligation to OYSA as defined below
  • submit a copy of their certificate of satisfactory completion from the program to the OYSA Registrar who will forward request for payment to the OYSA Treasurer
  • if a coach fails to fulfill their commitment to OYSA, they will be responsible for returning 75% of the reimbursed amount to OYSA

3. Approved Courses

Course Pre-requisite Reimbursement Commitment
USSF F (online) N/A 100% 1 season
USSF E USSF F 100% 1 season
USSF D USSF E 100% 2 seasons
NSCAA Level VI USSF E 100% 2 seasons

Note: Coaches should make every effort to attend OYSA sponsored/hosted courses. If a course at the required level is being offered by OYSA, but the coach seeks to attend the same course at an alternate time or location, they must adhere to the exceptions policy below.

4. Exceptions – Any requests for exceptions to this policy must be submitted in writing to the OYSA Board of Officers